Artist Statement


As Lyotard thinks of modern art as being fragmented and believes that it is liberatory. Nicola’s work attempts to make the unconscious process visible using fragmentation and disruption. Her recent works involve the disruption of convention questioning our essential natural rights.

Nicola's multidisciplinary approach to art explores methods to emancipate a desensitized people from the hyper-consumptive architecture in the western plutocracy. Her works act as a passage to open our consciousness and contemplate our paradigm.


Her works protest against bureaucratization, depersonalization, routinization, repression, and not wholly an expression of class antagonism. By showing her contestation, viewers navigate their way to ethics of singularity which is the on-going permanent task of today’s world.

Nicola’s works have provided a method of ‘close-reading’ a ‘text’ as Derrida argued. Deconstructive ‘close-reading’, having ‘interrogated’ the text, breaks through its defenses and shows that a set of binary oppositions can be found ‘inscribed’ within it. In each of the pairs, private/public, same/other, masculine/feminine, rational/irrational, true/false, central/peripheral, etc., the first term is privileged. Deconstructors show that the ‘privileged’ term depends for its identity on it's excluding the other and demonstrate that primacy really belongs to the subordinate term instead.

Deconstruction is the attempt to locate the promising marginal text, to disclose the undecidable moment, to pry it loose with the positive lever of the signifier, to reverse the resident hierarchy, only to displace it; to dismantle in order to reconstitute what is always already inscribed.


Her method consists of showing how the privilege is held in place by the force of a dominant metaphor and not by any conclusive logic. Her recent works ask to change certain habits of mind; telling us that the authority of the text is provisional, the original is a trace.

Deconstruction is a political practice, an attempt to dismantle the logic by a particular system of thought, and behind that, a whole system of political structures and social institutions maintains its force.

Consciousness expansion mirrors a gradual deconstruction, the paradigm expands ‘little by little to modify the terrain of our ideology, and resonate a conscious shift’.

2019 Copyright nicola lee. All rights reserved. 
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